Top 10 Reasons You Must Experience Backpacking Across Asia

  1. There are so many different cultures and countries

Backpacking through Asia usually refers to Southeast Asian countries, like Singapore, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. These are attractive travel destinations for North American and European backpackers who wish to see a variety of cultures which are foreign to them and expand their horizons.

  1. The economical differences make it really affordable

Yes, if you’re traveling on the American dollar, the Euro or in general any stronger currency, traveling in Asia will be quite affordable, which makes it a very attractive backpacking destination for anyone who wants to travel for a long time.

  1. Asian food: need I say more?

Thanks to international trade and globalization, Asian foods of all kinds are available in most of the world, but imagine eating it in its place of origin? Nothing can beat thai food in Bangkok, or Vietnamese pho in Hanoi. One of the best things about traveling to Asia is authentic Asian food!

  1. Exploring nature: jungles, diving and everything in between

Asia is such a large continent that it has a very diverse flora and fauna. This includes jungle explorations, ocean diving, volcano walks, and anything else you can imagine. Backpacking is a light way to travel across a large land mass, enabling you to take part in many of these activities on your journey.

  1. Islands galore

No backpacking adventure is complete without exploring the islands across Asia. Ocean-breeze and the sense of being faraway and isolated from everything you’ve known is but one reason to take the time to explore these, and backpacking is the way to do it if you want to see as many of them as possible along the way!

  1. Photo opportunities

If you’ve never been there, Asian landscapes will seem exotic and surreal. The breath-taking palm trees, the warmth and humidity, the temperate climate, volcanoes and mountains may all be things you are unfamiliar with and that are worth traveling the world to see in person.

  1. Many people have done it before

Backpacking through Asia is very popular among North Americans and Europeans, and because it has been done before, locals are very accustomed to meeting tourists and foreigners, which means there are many established backpacking routes for you to try, even if you’re not the most adventurous type – and if you are, there’s still lots of land left to explore!

  1. It is relatively safe

Most countries in Asia are not known for high crime rates. While there can be concern in some areas, travel information is now widely available to keep you safe and give you tips while you travel, and as long as you notify someone at home of your whereabouts, you can enjoy the peace of mind of safe and pleasant travels the whole way through.

  1. Many economic opportunities

In many Asian countries, there are opportunities in the tourist industry, a need for humanitarian aid and volunteerism or demand for teaching English as a second language. This opens many opportunities for anyone looking to extend their stay or get involved in local culture.

  1. Rich cultural heritage

Asia is one of the older continents on the planet, and most diverse. There are endless monuments, temples, galleries and even contemporary cultural centres to explore along the way. Whether you stay for a short while in each place, or decide to extend your stay in your favourite Asian destination, there will be countless sights to see and explore, marking the history of religious and colonial influences that have shaped the continent.

Whatever your route may be, backpacking across Asia is a must!

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  1. Ioan says:

    Hey. I am German and I am planning to visit your contury in a few months. What I want to know is: when backpackers search for a job, are the ones who travel with an organization and who had introductory courses preferred by the employers? Or do just your experience or your abilities count? I am from a little village in the contury and I know a thing or two about sheep Thanks for your answers!

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