Three Secrets to Asia Adventure Travel

Asia has long been regarded as a favourite continent for travellers; the diversity of cultures, the stunning untouched landscapes, the phenomenal array of food, the often low prices and the abundance and variety of ancient history make Asia an incredible continent where it would be easy to never stop exploring! However a lot of Asian countries have quickly realized their appeal and geared up for and promoted tourism, which is brilliant for creating an infrastructure which is easy to travel in and for boosting their economies. What this isn’t brilliant for however, is those seeking a more personal, authentic experience; which is why we have discovered and are sharing these three secrets of Asia adventure travel with you.

  1. Try the world’s most extreme zipline in Nepal. Recently opened it is the longest, steepest and fastest in the world; measuring 1.8km in length with a 600m vertical drop the ride is not going to be a long one with top speeds of over 100kmph! With phenomenal views over the mountain range and the Seti river this is one of the best ways for the adrenaline junkies amongst us to experience the nature of Nepal.
  1. Sumbawa, an island of Indonesia, is traditionally agricultural land used to grow rice and graze water buffalo. Every year, before planting the rice it is necessary to plough the land and mix the mud. But to make this task more exciting it has, over the years, developed into the highly competitive and incredibly muddy water buffalo racing! With entry closed to outsiders until recent years, foreign men and women can now both take part in the event with huge prestige being placed on both the winner and the winning buffalo. A unique, adrenaline fuelled, muddy and dangerous race, participants stand on a small wooden sled attached to two water buffalo; this truly is a unique experience and not easily replicated elsewhere in the world.
  1. Go Skiing! Granted most people don’t usually think of Asia when they think about skiing, nor is skiing a particular adventure travel secret, but this is no ordinary skiing- it’s yak skiing! In Manali, an Indian hill resort, you can partake in this rather unique activity which involves you standing at the bottom of a hill attached, via a pulley system and a rope, to a yak at the top of the hill. You then shake a bucket of nuts to attract the two-ton yak who comes thundering down the hill pulling you at incredible speed up the hill. Possibly not the safest of pastimes but an incredible experience nonetheless! You have to get on this one quick though, its already started to attract attention as an adventure sport so copycats and oversubscribing will inevitably follow!

Asia is an incredible place for adventure travellers and thrill seekers alike, however the nature of travellers is to explore and uncover these hidden gems so hurry and get to these experiences while they’re still secrets. What are you waiting for!

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  1. Eric says:

    – stunning as alayws. these ones gave me chills thought, and not just because I have a soft spot in my heart for london. these images are inspiring. loved those ones in in or next to what looks like a parking structure. beautiful.

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