The Best Kept Secrets of Thailand

Secrets of ThailandOne of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Thailand is a wondrous country full of tropical white sandy beaches, lush jungles, mesmerizing sunsets, rivers, waterfalls, rich history, mountains, great culture, and friendly locals. It is also one of the most affordable places to go on a holiday. Listed below are some of the best kept secrets of Thailand.

  • The secluded serene beaches:

    Thailand is a beach country and it is no secret. There are many beautiful beaches that are visited by millions of tourists every year. However, not all the beaches of Thailand attract the crowds or feature resort and hotel developments. Some such secret, off-the-beaten-path, deserted beaches include the stunning Y-shaped Koh Nang Yuan beach, the pristine Koh Tarutao, the boat accessible Railay, and the gorgeous Koh Mak which restricts the visitor count.

  • Hiking through the jungles:

    Thailand is not just about the beaches and the unending partying in Bangkok. It is also a paradise for nature lovers. Tourists can go trekking, hiking, bicycling, wildlife watching, and other adventures across the tropical rainforests, the lush countryside, and the many mountains and hills. Chiang Mai is really popular, but Chiang Rai is the one secret that you can discover without the unwanted crowds. Thailand is also home to numerous national parks where you can see exotic tropical birds, camp under the stars, go for night safaris, and just have a great time!

  • Mouthwatering cuisines:

    Thai food is available all over the world. But you can get to taste the essence of authentic Thai food only when you are in the country. Every meal has that unique aroma and a delicate balance between the bitter, salt, sweet, and sour flavors. Also, the foods served in the north taste a lot different from that served in the south. Thus, you can come to Thailand just for an awesome gastronomical experience.

  • Prasat Hin Phimai Khmer Shrine:

    It is a relic of the Khmer culture and architecture that is older than even the renowned Angkor Wat of Cambodia. Located near the isolated town of Phimai, tourists can rent a cycle and take a tour of the temple and the surrounding areas.

  • The magnificent waterfalls:

    Thailand is home to many spectacular natural waterfalls. The sight of these cascading waterfalls, pools, and the surrounding landscapes will simply take your breath away! One of the bigger waterfalls is Thi Lo Su; it is so wide that it often cannot be captured in one camera shot. Other waterfalls that you may visit include Namtok Ton Te, the staircase-like Mae Ya Waterfall, and Erawan Waterfall adorned by colorful rocks.

  • Cruise the seas:

    This is one of the best kept secrets of Thailand. A boat ride across the turquoise waters to check out the rich marine life, like pink dolphins, and engage in varied aqua adventures like scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, etc., is the perfect way to spend a lazy sunny afternoon. Some of the best places to enjoy such cruises and escapades include Chumphon province, the Phang Nga Similan Islands, and Koh Tao.

The above are not the only beautiful unexplored secrets of Thailand. There are many others like Nakhon Si Thammarat, the secret tunnels, the stunning arts and crafts of the local artisans and tribal people, cave explorations, and the Pak Klong Talad flower market, etc. Have fun uncovering and discovering the surprises!

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